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Admissions Requirements

Applicants should have a background in basic science: admission requirements include one semesters of undergraduate Biology (excluding Botany) and one semester of calculus or statistics. Students applying to the modeling track will be required to have at least two semesters of math or advanced statistics, as well as some experience in computer programming.  Students in the policy track will need introductory economics and political science.  Strong applicants missing a pre-requisite may be admitted with the requirement to take the pre-requisite course at Georgetown in the first semester of the program.  This course would not count towards the MS.  Applicants should submit general GRE scores. MCAT or LSAT scores can be substituted for GREs.

Financial Aid

Preparing for Admission

Application Materials (list)

Application Deadlines

April 1, 2019  for Fall 2019 semester.


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